DEFRA Working Near Water

Industrial and Commercial Working Near Water 

Our water awareness courses give participants an understanding of the hazards surrounding  working near water and the tools to manage them safely.all of our water awareness courses follow the DEFRA guidelines and are recognised as covering a large number of companies working near water criteria such as the environment agency. 

All of our courses are DEFRA compliant and delivered by our professional staff combining their joint  knowledge and experience in water safety and management. In both a theoretical and practical way, allowing for the consolidation of learning applying knowledge to scenarios. 

Our Center offers a fantastic venue for working near water courses which is already used by a number rescue training companies and fire services, with a variety of environments from a still slightly flowing river to the fast paced moving water of the water courses perfect for the application and adaptation of skills to the situation. 

Complete with a fully refurbished conference room providing a warm and comfortable base of operations along with unlimited refreshments and a variety of lunch options from cold to hot.